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Annie Maxwell
Annie Maxwell BSc (Religion/Spirituality, Psychology) :
Trustee :

Facilitator of:
  • Circles and Workshops for Spiritual Development
  • Trance Circles
  • Courses in Tarot
  • Mindful & Spirit Lead Meditation Groups
  • One to One Spiritual and/or Tarot Readings
  • Reiki & Hands on Healing Groups
David Therapyforthought
David Therapyforthought :
Hello, I am a spiritual hypnotherapy practitioner. I am based in Rye, East Sussex. I am focused on energy clearing, entity release, regression work and past life regression. I work with clients face-to-face or online. I am a qualified Soul Centred Healing Hypnotherapist, also a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have my own practice called therapy for thought.
My contact details are; email david@therapyforthought.co.uk

Mobile 07532 322632 Facebook : David Therapyforthought

Andrea Raspanti :

Mediumship and Healing
Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Mobile: 07868 714403

Paula Stevens
Paula Stevens :

Platform Medium,
Reiki Practitioner,
Mentoring and
One to One Readings.

Russell Browning
Russell Browning :

Platform Medium & One to One Private Readings

Jill Larkin
Jill Larking :

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Artist.

Chloe Tully :

Tigris Yoga Instructor

Simon Parker :

Pilates Instructor
Personal Trainer

Anthony Whitehead :

Self Defence,

Beth Browning
Beth Browning :

Holistic Healing Diploma
Healing Facilitator
Usui Reiki level 2, Angelic Reiki level 2, Crystal Healing, and Reflexology.

Pete Moore
Pete Moore :

Tantric Yoga

Maggie Dix :

Qualified Senior Level Yoga Practitioner
27 years’ Experience

Naomy Browton
Naomy Browton :
Sound and Holistic Voice Therapist, Musician and Teacher.
Naomy has been offering experiential workshops around the country and at festivals for a number of years. Now taking her sound journey further, she has qualified in the BAST method of Sound Therapy: Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy and Group Voice Therapy. It is a different way of working but one which she has found to be deeply transformative and is both humbled and excited at its potential for very deep work. She has a degree in music and psychology, teaches piano, cello and voice and also has certificates in counselling, NLP, hypnosis, reiki-seichem and training in lifemusic.

Selina Firth :
Bowen Therapist

Bowen Therapy is a naturally gentle and non-invasive treatment suitable for all the family. Bowen treats muscular aches and pains (back pain, sciatica, pelvic, knee, hip pain, etc) and has been observed to improve sleep, free the body of migraine, stress and allergies, and be particularly effective for sports injuries and sports performance. Bowen is a holistic treatment which I have witnessed having far-reaching benefits globally throughout the person.

Kalee Marsh
Kalee Marsh :
Tarot Reader

Chris Whalley
Chris Whalley :
Health & Relationship Coaching
AAC Associated
From Kent to Chicago, Dubai to the Netherlands Chris has helped 100's & influenced 1,000s of people achieve better relationships great health and more financial freedom. By guiding and helping them break through their fears and emotional barriers enabling them to experience life on their terms. Workplace & family conflicts, Unfulfilled relationship, Depression, Dis-ease / health challenges, Addictions, Financial mindset coaching.
email Chris.whalley@zen.co.uk
website www.decisivecoachinguk.co.uk

Dawn McKelvie
Dawn McKelvie :
Sound Healing Therapist

Jules Hatfield
Jules Hatfield :
Also works as a volunteer reflexologist within the NHS in their cancer centres.

Dawn Servis
Dawn Servis :
Pilates Instructor.

Marisa Griffiths
Marisa Griffiths :
Healer Practitioner and Trainer affiliated with The Corinthian Church and Healing Association.

Tim O’Dea
Tim O’Dea :
Hello, my name is Tim and I have been on the Shamanic path since 2004; when I first met my teachers, Elsa and Howard Malpas. I completed my Practitioner training in 2011, Dancing the Medicine Wheel in 2012, Soul Regeneration Therapist training in 2014 and Blending the Light and the Dark in 2015. I followed up my experiential studies with an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christchurch University, in 2017. I've been running Shamanic Journey Circles on and off in Whitstable since 2011.

Helen Lauer
Helen Lauer :
I worked as an NHS Occupational Therapist for 19 years, but sought to find a therapy that addressed the whole of a persons health, not just isolated Physical issues. I became fascinated by Oriental Medicine, how it views people and their health in a wider context.
I attended the Devon School of Shiatsu for 3 year part time Diploma, graduating in 2009.
Since then I have had my daughter and moved to Kent where I offer Shiatsu in Whitstable & Faversham.
I am particularly interested in working with stuck emotions and Grief, which are often held in the body and can manifest in physical symptoms.

Shia (finger) -atsu (pressure) is a Complementary Therapy based on a traditional hands-on Healing therapy used for millennia in Japan. It was brought to the UK in the 70’s and developed to include a working knowledge of western Anatomy and Physiology.
The technique facilitates the smooth flow of vital Energy (Ki) in channels circulating around and through the body and internal organs (Meridians). Traditional Oriental medicine works on the belief that if this Energy becomes blocked or depleted then ill-health or specific problems will occur.
Ki in our bodies influence us on many levels, and so Shiatsu views an individual as a complete being; addressing emotional and mental well-being as well as physical issues. Many people receive Shiatsu to address specific issues but it is also widely used to maintain good health.
Comfortable thumb or palm pressure is used along with gentle stretches and joint rotations. To loose and ease tensions and blocked Ki. Leaving a feeling of relaxation and well being.

Dawn Evans
Dawn Evans :

Spiritual Medium
Private Sittings, Church Services, Bereavement Counselling,
Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Group bookings and Workshops undertaken.

Facebook Link
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