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The Church of the Holy Spirit & Peace by the Sea

81a, Northwood Road,
Whitstable, Kent,

Church Constitution & Rules

[September 2023]

1. Name

The name of the church shall be ‘The Church of The Holy Spirit’, commonly known as ‘Peace by the Sea’, located at 81a, Northwood Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2HD (hereafter called PBTS).

2. Trustee Status

There will be a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 trustees whose role is to serve the wellbeing and longevity of PBTS, ensuring such as the integrity of all PBTS decisions; the overall running of PBTS; and the continued up-keep and safeguarding of the property of PBTS. The Trustees have sole ownership and responsibility for PBTS and as such must be insured against liability. The Chairperson will be represented by one of the Trustees at any meeting. A Trustee will remain a Trustee until their death, resignation, or expulsion. Expulsion can only occur if the Trustee is found to in breach of the Trustee Agreement, the conditions, set out as above. The committee, volunteers and other users of PBTS can bring forth a case for expulsion of a Trustee, but the final decision will lie unanimously with the remaining Trustees.

3. Committee

a) The Committee shall consist of no more than 5 members. Each position shall be held for 1 year. At the end of this tenure all Committee members may stand for re-election.
b) Additional Trustees may be nominated by the current Committee and current Trustees; at any time. However, the final agreement of Trusteeship, lies with unanimous decision from the Trustees. The trustees will work independently from the committee to ensure the integrity of each committee member.
c) Volunteers may work alongside the Trustees and Committee, at the discretion of the Trustees to fulfil any previously unforeseen roles.
d) There are no limits set on the number of years a Committee member or Volunteer may serve.
e) The Committee’s purpose is solely for the general running of PBTS. Each Committee member will take the position of a role of responsibility, set out and agreed by the Committee to cover the necessary requirements of maintaining PBTS, in equal proportions to the number of Committee members. Example of roles: Fund raising, Health & Safety, Advertising, etc.

Any concerns regarding groups or individuals not adhering to the Procedures & Policies of PBTS, must be reported to the Trustees to deal with the matter. Each Committee member will agree a role, in the running of PBTS. Any expenditure incurred within their role will be recompensed, only by prior arrangement with a Trustee. We will hold bi monthly Committee/Volunteer meetings to be chaired by a Trustee.

4. Finance & Accounts

The financial year shall run from 1st July. The Treasurer will be voted in at the AGM, this position can be held by a Trustee or Committee member. There is not a limit on the number of years that they can remain in this position. They shall prepare annual accounts and present them at the AGM. A copy of these accounts, which shall be first examined by an Independent Assessor, then approved by the Trustees and Committee.

5. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An AGM shall be held on a convenient date of each year, within one month of the previous AGM. This will be arranged and chaired by at least 2 Trustees. The agenda of the meeting shall be as follows:
  1. Elect the Committee, Volunteers & The Treasurer.
  2. Approve the yearly accounts.
  3. Consider any proposed Rule Changes.
  4. Any other business.
Committee Members, Volunteers and users of PBTS will be invited, however only Trustees and Committee Members will be allowed to vote.

6. Special General Meeting (SGM)

A SGM can be called at anytime by the Trustees to discuss up to date matters or to change the Constitution. Committee Members, Volunteers and users of PBTS will be invited, however only Trustees and Committee Members will be allowed to vote.

For changes in the Constitution to be agreed, all Trustees must vote unanimously.

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